Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Something Different


Here are a couple of pictures from my very first studio portrait shoot featuring one my beautiful and talented friends, Sophie. She is a dear friend of mine whom I've built a much stronger relationship with over this past year. I adore her and am blessed for our friendship. As I feature her on this post, I'd like to share a little bit about her amazing talents and personality.

Sophie is an incredible singer and musician. Over the past few months I've had the opportunity to hear her play the guitar and the piano while sharing her phenomenal voice. She is straight up amazing.

She also has a beautiful personality to go along with her contagious smile and laugh. Sophie is caring and is always concerned for her friends and acquaintances around her, and wants to make sure that everyone is having a enjoyable time. I appreciate this outstanding girl in every way and am so grateful for her time in helping me complete this shoot.

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